I am writing to invite you all to a DOC organized event which we are calling ‘DOC EuroTec’. After a lot of feedback from club members we are proposing to host this event across the weekend of Fri 1, Sat 2, Sun 3rd June 2007 in Norfolk . As with this years successful Lotus 2006 event, this will be centered around club member, Arran Jamieson's Private Hotel


It has all been muted by many that we should invite other owners from the main European DMC clubs, so as to help further and form relationships between the DOC and these groups /individuals. I have already received a lot of correspondence from them with expressions of interest in attending.

We are hoping to make this event a yearly fixture, please note that this is in no way an attempt to be in direct competition with the 'Eurofest' event!

Arran has already graciously 'block booked' ALL of his rooms for us to use, so initially we would be very grateful if you could at least reserve a room, direct through his website above. This is to not only show our commitment to him at a busy time of year and also to ensure that you don’t miss out!!

Please note that i am expecting this event to be fully booked and very soon judging by the response i have had so far, so please do not leave this until the last minute, once the rooms have gone that will be it!.

You will obviously note from below that Arran has again given very generous discounts for this event. The weekend will be run at very minimal costs to all involved.

As you can guess, the basis of the weekend will be around 'Workshop / Tech sessions' throughout the weekend, hence the title ‘DOC EuroTec’ there will be refreshment’s, BBQ's and Dinner at the hotel itself.

Workshop ‘Marquees’ will be set up to provide shelter and areas of work.

I am also pleased to announce (subject to final work commitments) the attendance (in first name alphabetical order), of:-

Chris Nicholson P J Grady UK
Dan Shane DMCL
Darren Lampert P J Grady UK
Ed Uding from DMC Europe
Martin Gutkowski DMCL

All have kindly agreed to provide us with technical and hands on assistance over the course of the event along with of our ‘Technical’ guys from the Club. Full details are to follow but may involve engine tuning, wheel alignment, minor bodywork regraining / repairs, Torsion bar adjustments. .. etc etc !

(An itinerary based on what people would like to be done on their cars will be drafted and considered up for the weekend)

We are very grateful for all their assistance in helping to make this event a highly enjoyable and constructive weekend for all.

Scenic drives will also be organized throughout the weekend for those not wishing to participate in the ‘workshops’ and night time entertainment will provided.

Obviously at this stage an exact itinerary for the weekend has to be drawn up, so any further suggestions are all very welcome!

We will also need to put together a plan of action to ensure that the correct facilities are provided and safely i.e. the correct tools, jacks, stands etc etc .

Please If anyone can assist in helping to organize this event and set up ‘camp’ etc please contact me ASAP so that an ‘event committee’ can be formed early in the new year.

Hotel Information

Hotel has 43 rooms - all double or twin minimum (some can hold 3 people)

Hotel car park will hold 40 or so cars in the
main car park area and 25 more in the other parking area.

Hotel Bed and Breakfast Rates for the Friday / Saturday night are :-

B&B Rates (with DeLorean car):

2 nights) £30 per person per night
1 night only) £50 per person
Additional 3rd night stay ) £15 per person

Single Occupancy:
2 nights) £49 per night
1 night only) £89
Additional 3rd night stay ) £15

B&B Rates (without car - i.e. driving a Fiesta etc):

2 nights) £45 per person per night
1 night only) £55 per person
Additional 3rd night stay) £15 per person

Single Occupancy:
2 nights) £60 per night
1 night only) £99
Additional 3rd night stay) £15

(Should we find rooms are too quickly booked up there is a possibility of using some further rooms at another hotel very nearby)

If you have any questions, please post these on here or contact me direct.

I look forward to your early commitment / comments for this ‘first of its kind’ event !

A webpage at out main website will be completed soon, so watch this space!

Many Thanks
Kind Regards

Mike Bosworth

DeLorean Owners Club UK
#2001 HEC6T